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Millie Canning
June 2014
This is the busiest year I've had for a long time. I managed to complete the double commission in April. I took down my exhibition in Number 13 on the same day and then the following day put up some prints in Bromham Mill in Bedford, which will be there until the end of July.
On June 1st I exhibited at the RSPB Art and Craft fair with other members of the Artists Network Bedfordshire. It was a beautiful sunny day, and nice to meet some of the artists from other hubs in the group.
I have spent some time recently out and about trying to take some close-up pictures of lawn daisies for a commission, but it seem to have a lot of bad luck - I see a nice crop, then I come back with my camera to find the council has mown them all down. It's happened so often that I've renamed the men on green machines - 'the Daisy Killers'.
On top of everything my dog had an accident in the garden and ended up having a hip replacement. She is just three years old and recovering well, but even after six weeks cage rest she still has a long way to go before she is back to normal.
I am now in the throws of preparing for Childwickbury Art Fair on the first weekend in July. After that I'm looking forward to The Hampton Court Flower Show and a holiday in Italy. In August I start preparations for the Bedfordshire Arts Trail in September.

24th February 2014
I have had to stop work on the Dog Rose painting after only a week as I have taken an exciting new commission for two acrylic paintings to be finished for the beginning of April. (See work in progress) Over the next few days I'll also be preparing my work to show in Number 13 in Bedford starting next Tuesday for six weeks.

February 2014
It's cold and wet and the river is on the point of bursting it's bank again for the umpteenth time in the last couple of months.
Last summer and the Childwickbury Arts Fair's 10th anniversary seem a long time ago now. The glorious hot sunny weather helped bring in the crowds adding to the already fantastic atmosphere. I enjoyed meeting so many people, those who come year after year and the newcomers (both artists and visitors) who will undoubtably be back next year. I sold the Blackthorn Blossom, several prints and dozens of greetings cards. An amazing weekend.
I have decided this year I'm going to spend more time painting and working towards exhibitions. I have joined the 'Artists Network - Bedfordshire' so that I have more interaction with the local art scene.
As you can see I've started a new painting 'Dog Rose' after finally finishing the Umbellifer. I have taken another commission and possibly have another exciting project lined up as well.
Watch my exhibition list for details of forthcoming events or visit the Artist Network Bedfordshire's website where I will be setting up an online gallery.

May 2013
What a year! Last November we had terrible floods that wiped out our telecommunications at the end of the road (The water didn't reach any of the properties in the area, thankfully). We were only reconnected in March - three months with no broadband and a very crackly phone line. Not very helpful over the Christmas period. On top of all that we've been very busy with the house and garden. Amazingly though I've managed to find some time to paint and finally update my website. I'm currently working on a commission of an umbelifer or cow parsley and preparing for Childwickbury Art Fair, it's tenth anniversary - an extra-special event this year.

20th July 2012
Last weekend we went to South Wales coast to scatter my grandma's ashes. A lovely weekend spent with all the family despite the weather. We were lucky to eat lunch outside both days in sunshine.
This week has been harder than usual to paint - Second week of the holidays, children recovered from school and ready to "Do something".
I've been working on the detail of the "Field Scabious". It's been quite a task, harder than I first thought.

9th July 2012
In spite of the rain & mud, the Olympic torch's travels to nearly every town around us and of course Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final, Childwickbury Arts Fair was fantastic as usual. It would take more than a few heavy downpours to dampen the amazing atmosphere thanks to the organisers and their team.
I am happy to say I sold an original - the painting I am still working on.
Today's weather, of course was fairly good, in fact at one point it was actually warm as we dismantled our displays.
Tomorrow and for the rest of this week I'll be painting!

5th July 2012
I have spent today setting up my exhibition space at Childwickbury. Same place as last year, but better lighting. Weather doesn't look good for the weekend though.

21st June 2012
Hooray we're up and running!
Welcome to the new look website.

20th June 2012
A few good dry days means the river is back to normal but I'm not holding out much hope for the gunnera.
Only one week to go before the Harpenden Arts Club come for a sketching day in the garden and there is still so much to do.
This website should go live in the next day or two if all goes to plan.

10th June 2012
It has been raining again and the river levels are up again. I'm fascinated by all the slugs and snails all clinging to anything above water level including each other. Our gunnera plants have just recovered from their last dunking which in the end lasted about two weeks.

22nd May 2012
Went to the Chelsea Flower Show today - Wow!
The weather was so hot. I've taken so many photos, reference for the Garden and for painting.

3rd May 2012
Flood levels are going down, leaving quite a mess in the garden
Including 3 tennis balls, a yellow plastic ball, an orange plastic spoon, 4 plastic drink bottles and an old trainer. Had a heavy downpour of rain this morning so I'm still working on this website.

1st May 2012
Pouring with rain outside and everywhere including the garden is flooded. so I've decided to get on with this all new website.
I'm using a new app on my IPad, so I expect it will take some time to get used to.

April 16th - July31st
Weekends & Bank-Holidays Only

Bromham Mill and Gallery
Bridge End,
Bedford. MK43 8LP
July 4th, 5th & 6th

Arts Fair

The Stables,
St Albans, Herts

Beds Art Trail

Please look at
Artists Network Bedfordshire website
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